Calligraphy – Persephone Silverthorn

So I’ve written out another player character car for my brother’s Dungeons and Dragons game. Tomorrow I’ll post the last player character card and then on Friday I’ll post all of them together along with contest details to win your very own character place cards for your party!

I still have no idea what race/class combo are attached to any of the names. So in the same fashion as the other two, I present Persephone Silverthorn, the random NPC.

Persophone Silverthorn’s rotund build and silk clothing belies her humble upbringing. Orphaned as a by her human mother after her elven father returned to his homeland, Persophone only knew the cold embrace of despair and hunger as a child. As a young girl she was caught caught stealing sweetbread by Gaston, the town’s finest pastry chef. Seeing how Persephone’s rags hung off her frail frame he took her in and put her to work in the kitchen. As the years went on she began to take on more and more responsibility from Gaston until the day his heart failed and she assumed full ownership. Now you can find her taking in all disadvantaged youths who come to her door looking for food or a shelter over their head, as long as they are willing to do some work in the kitchens in return.

Persephone Silverthorn

Calligraphy – Thurwal Ironfist

Here is another place card for a member of the party that my brother DMs for (the first was Nestor Flynhorn). Because I still don’t know anything about the party I’m going to be turning him into a Random NPC using random tables. This time I’ll use the character generator from the game Zweihander to inspire this random NPC.

Thurwal Ironfist picked his name to inspire fear into the hearts of his enemies…at least those who only know him by name. This young smuggler with a doll-like complexion is the furthers from menacing a human can look. Inspired by stories of heroes from his childhood Thurwal took up the mantle of adventurer in his early teens. It was not a wise choice; he lost his hand to a ravenous gnoll. Now he makes a career from smuggling and is determined to become the best damn smuggler there is.

Thurwal Ironfist

Calligraphy – Character Miniatures

Here is another piece I did a while ago. It is the companion to this piece that shows what I use for monster miniatures in my games. I like using these mini-meeples because they are both genre and character agnostic. All the player has to do is select the colour that they most associated with their character and voila! They have their miniature.

Ideally I want to get myself some DnDeeples, but unfortunately they are only sold in quantities used in Lords of Waterdeep (25 of each plus 2 extra of each type) and I only need 1 or 2 of each. If anyone has any extra I’d be more than happy to trade some custom calligraphy placecards for your party for 1 or 2 of each type of DnDeeple!

These mini meeples are only about 1.4 cm (0.5 inches) tall.

Calligraphy – Random Weather

This past weekend I went to the Ottawa Comiccon and it was a ton of fun. I picked up a bunch of cool dice 1) because I like dice, and 2) because I love introducing random elements into my games.

One of the dice I found was this awesome random weather dice. Anytime my players are outside adventuring I’m going to roll the weather dice and that’ll be the weather for the day. It has the bonus of being a real physical object that I can place on the map as a visual reminder to the players of the weather.

Random weather!

The weather will also have in game effect. For example if it’s foggy visibility will be reduced, heavy rain might make ranged attacks more difficult, etc. Here is what I am thinking:

  1. Sunny – No effect.
  2. Cloudy – No effect.
  3. Fog – Reduced visibility makes perception checks based on vision harder and reduce the range or ranged attacks.
  4. Rainy – Everything is wet and it makes perception checks based on hearing harder
  5. Thunderstorms – The heavy rain reduces visibility and makes all perception checks harder.
  6. Snow (or hail depending on the climate) – Makes treveling slower and possibly a reduction in visibility depending on how heavy the snow is.

Calligraphy – Mooks, Minions, and Monsters

Here is a piece of rpg calligraphy that I did about a year ago. It shows what I use for monster miniatures in my games. I really like using the simple wooden cube to represent monsters because 1) it allows for me to really describe the monster without getting hung up on what the model looks like; and 2) they can represent anything. I need goblins? Break out the green cubes. Cultists? Time to grab the red ones!

I also really like using the larger monster meeples to represent bigger, badder, monsters because they are 1) bigger than the mini meeples I use to represent the player characters; and 2) the cool factor.

Mooks and minions and monsters oh my!

Cartography – The Crypt

So I’ve been pretty busy with family and work obligations the next couple of posts are probably going to be older maps that I’ve made. I’ll start off with the crypt.

This crypt sits at the center of a massive cemetery. Ulric the gravedigger tells tales of mysterious robed figures who enter the crypt on the new moon, however, he says he tries to follow them in only to find the crypt empty. Everyone disregards his stories as the ravings of a drunkard.

The Crypt


Calligraphy – Nester Flynhorn

My brother is DMing a game right now so I’ve decided to make his players character place cards. Unfortunately I only know the characters’ names and not their races or classes or anything about them. That’s ok, I’ll turn Nester into a random NPC in my game by using my favourite tool, random tables!

Nestor Flynhorn is a young man of slight frame. To hear it from him, he will tell you that he was born for the stage and was performing in theaters before he could even talk. Frankly, you can’t disagree with the fact that he is an immensely talented actor. Holding a discussion with him can be frustrating as he always appears to be staring off into the distance as if he was surveying a crowd from the stage. When he isn’t rehearsing or performing at the Midnight Theater you’ll likely find him gambling at the Cat Paw Inn.

Nester Flynhorn

Cartography – Random Dungeon #2

Here is another random dungeon. I am really enjoying making them. There is something very relaxing about rolling the dice and letting chance guide my pen.

  1. Dungeon Location – On an island
  2. Dungeon Creator – Elemental Air Cult
  3. Dungeon Purpose – Stronghold
  4. Dungeon History – Original Creator still in control

Stormbringer island has always been famous for the IMG_6843ferocious storms that seems to surround it constantly. Some say the storms are the a manifestation of the gods’ anger for mans defiance, but you know the truth. High atop the tallest mountain an elemental cult makes their stronghold within the mountain and have conjured the storms to keep would be explorers away as they gather their power for who knows what purpose.

Random Dungeon #2

Cartography – Random Dungeon #1

So with a glass of wine in hand, I decided it would be a good idea to make a random dungeon using the random dungeon tables in the D&D 5th edition Dungeon Master’s Guide. Here is the result.

Random Dungeon #1
  1. Dungeon Location – Beneath a ruined city
  2. Dungeon Creator – Dwarves
  3. Dungeon Purpose – Lair
  4. Dungeon History – Conquered by invaders

Long ago beneath the great dwarven city of Kazakhruen an the archmagister to the king had a workshop where he created all manner of terrible beasts to for use against the goblin horde. But alas, it was of no use for the goblins came in numbers too great to count and overran the city. Some say the archimagisters foul creations still roam the ruined city, attacking any who may enter.

Random Dungeon #1.jpg