CONTEST! Gather Your Party!

Gather your party, I’m holding a contest!

So I’ve decided to jump on the “hold a contest for self-promotion” bandwagon and hold a contest of my own. I will make a set of character place cards for the winner’s party (including the dungeon master!) written in my calligraphy and send it to the winner, anywhere in the world!

All you have to do is follow/share my Twitter/Google+/Instagram accounts! You will get one entry in the draw for following an account, and another for sharing the post. Make sure to tag your party to get them to enter, because if any of them win, you all win!

Follow me on Twitter (@MajusculeG) and share this tweet!
Follow me on Google+ (George G) and share this post!
Follow me on Instagram (@majusculeg) and like this post!

The contest will be open until Sunday the 4th of June 1200 EDT and I will announce the winner that evening.

Here is an example of what I will make for the winner and their party!



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