Calligraphy – Persephone Silverthorn

So I’ve written out another player character car for my brother’s Dungeons and Dragons game. Tomorrow I’ll post the last player character card and then on Friday I’ll post all of them together along with contest details to win your very own character place cards for your party!

I still have no idea what race/class combo are attached to any of the names. So in the same fashion as the other two, I present Persephone Silverthorn, the random NPC.

Persophone Silverthorn’s rotund build and silk clothing belies her humble upbringing. Orphaned as a by her human mother after her elven father returned to his homeland, Persophone only knew the cold embrace of despair and hunger as a child. As a young girl she was caught caught stealing sweetbread by Gaston, the town’s finest pastry chef. Seeing how Persephone’s rags hung off her frail frame he took her in and put her to work in the kitchen. As the years went on she began to take on more and more responsibility from Gaston until the day his heart failed and she assumed full ownership. Now you can find her taking in all disadvantaged youths who come to her door looking for food or a shelter over their head, as long as they are willing to do some work in the kitchens in return.

Persephone Silverthorn

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