Calligraphy – Killua Nailo

The final member of my brother’s Dungeons and Dragon’s party. Now that I am done these I really should ask him what each character actually is. Also, don’t forget that tomorrow I’ll be posting details about a contest I’ll be running to win your very own player character cards! (I apologize about the terrible picture quality, I had already mailed my brother the placecards before I realized this picture didn’t turn out too great).

Killua Nailo is perfectly average. She is of average height, average weight, average build. She has brown hair and brown eyes and you wouldn’t look at her twice if you saw her walking down the street, which is exactly what she wants. Some say she was born unassuming, others say she she made a sacrifice to a dark god to make herself forgettable. However, everyone can agree that she is a deadly assassin who you dare not cross.

Killua Nailo

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