Calligraphy – Thurwal Ironfist

Here is another place card for a member of the party that my brother DMs for (the first was Nestor Flynhorn). Because I still don’t know anything about the party I’m going to be turning him into a Random NPC using random tables. This time I’ll use the character generator from the game Zweihander to inspire this random NPC.

Thurwal Ironfist picked his name to inspire fear into the hearts of his enemies…at least those who only know him by name. This young smuggler with a doll-like complexion is the furthers from menacing a human can look. Inspired by stories of heroes from his childhood Thurwal took up the mantle of adventurer in his early teens. It was not a wise choice; he lost his hand to a ravenous gnoll. Now he makes a career from smuggling and is determined to become the best damn smuggler there is.

Thurwal Ironfist

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