Calligraphy – Random Weather

This past weekend I went to the Ottawa Comiccon and it was a ton of fun. I picked up a bunch of cool dice 1) because I like dice, and 2) because I love introducing random elements into my games.

One of the dice I found was this awesome random weather dice. Anytime my players are outside adventuring I’m going to roll the weather dice and that’ll be the weather for the day. It has the bonus of being a real physical object that I can place on the map as a visual reminder to the players of the weather.

Random weather!

The weather will also have in game effect. For example if it’s foggy visibility will be reduced, heavy rain might make ranged attacks more difficult, etc. Here is what I am thinking:

  1. Sunny – No effect.
  2. Cloudy – No effect.
  3. Fog – Reduced visibility makes perception checks based on vision harder and reduce the range or ranged attacks.
  4. Rainy – Everything is wet and it makes perception checks based on hearing harder
  5. Thunderstorms – The heavy rain reduces visibility and makes all perception checks harder.
  6. Snow (or hail depending on the climate) – Makes treveling slower and possibly a reduction in visibility depending on how heavy the snow is.

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