Calligraphy – Campaign Podcast

I’m pretty sure in the title of my blog I promise to provide some calligraphy, cartography, and role playing games…and I’ve been pretty light on the calligraphy so far. To make up for that here is something I made for one of my favourite podcasts, Campaign.

Close-up of the ‘opening crawl’ from Episode 1 of Campaign

Campaign is a long-form storytelling podcast set in the Star Wars universe. Hosted by the amazing Kat Kuhl, the podcast tells the story of the crew of the Mynock as they flee the empire with the plans to the Murderball…or at least that’s how it started.

One of my favourite parts of the podcast is when James D’Amato, host of the One Shot Podcast and voice of Bacta in Campaign, reads an ‘opening crawl’ in an old-timey radio voice, summarizing recent events. I decided to take the opening crawl from Episode 1 and write it out in calligraphy because I just enjoy the show that much.

If you haven’t listened to Campaign yet I highly recommend heading over to One Shot Podcast network’s website and checking it out, along with all their other amazing podcasts.

Anyways, here is the calligraphy.

The letters are only 4mm (about 3/16th of an inch) high.

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